What's New

What's New?

The Brookhaven School District will continue to expand the menu selections at our schools to reflect the meal patterns established by USDA's Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act.

Here are some exciting things we have this year!






What's New/Banana Split Yogurt Parfait1.jpg



What's New/Cheesy Grits.jpg


What's New/Sausage Egg Cheese Biscuit6.jpg


What's New/Panther Scrambler.jpg


What's New/Protein Pack2.jpg What's New/Sandwich 2.jpg
What's New/Coffee Cooler 2.jpg What's New/Pumpkin Spice.jpg

What's New/Piggy Mac.jpg

What's New/Souper Mondays.jpg

What's New/Powdered donuts.jpg

What's New/BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger.jpg

What's New/Survey hot wings2.jpg

What's New/Waffles.jpg