What's New

What's New?


The Brookhaven School District will continue to expand the menu selections at our schools to reflect the meal patterns established by USDA's Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act.


This year we have flexibility to add some enriched food items back to our menu such as the Pillsbury Biscuit and enriched spaghetti noodles. Some of the new menu items will include:




File Manager -> Beed_and_Broccoli.jpg  
BBQ Chicken Flatbread


File Manager -> Cheesburger_Pie.jpgMini Hotdogs


File Manager -> Honey_BBQ_Chicken.jpgMeat Lover's Pizza


File Manager -> Hamburger_Pie_with_Tots.jpgChicken Tetrazzini


File Manager -> Pasta_with_Meat_Sauce.jpgChicken Strip Basket


File Manager -> Ravioli.jpgChicken Nugget Basket


File Manager -> Shepherds_Pie.jpgChicken Little Basket


File Manager -> Teryaki_Chicken.jpgChicken Club Sandwich


What's New/Cheese French Bread.jpg
French Bread 3-Cheese Pizza